Villa Rameau

Kloksteeg 16 2311 SL LEIDEN
tel 071 512 4319

The former verger’s house of the historical Pieterskerk in the city centre of Leiden is now a beautiful city villa which can be used for overnight stays. After a major restoration, design and a classical look go hand in hand. It is an extraordinary location suitable for a luxurious overnight stay for tourists, as a bridal suite or as short-stay business accommodations.

Villa Rameau has a remarkable history. Between 1594 and 1648, church houses were built around the Pieterskerk as residences for the elderly - proveniers - who purchased it for a one-time amount of money and then enjoyed a lifetime of ‘free' room and board. The verger’s house, since 2013 known as Villa Rameau, is one such dwelling. The verger Rameau and his wife lived here from 1916 to 1946. Mr Rameau (1876-1965) had a remarkable role in the Resistance during WWII. The Pieterskerk proved to be a unique hiding place and each nook and cranny was used. The Resistance held their meetings in the verger’s house, arranged courier services and forged identification papers.

The contemporary Villa Rameau has been equipped with all modern conveniences. Over 100m2 divided over 3 floors provide privacy and luxury for 2 people.

The ground floor has a hallway with toilet, a dining room, kitchen and a historical courtyard. The kitchen boasts a Nespresso machine, quooker, microwave oven, refrigerator and dishwasher. The dining room has a spacious table and a TV.

The first floor has a comfortable living room with a desk, a modern bathroom with a bathtub and a large walk-in shower with separate toilet. The spacious balcony overlooks the monumental Pieterskerk. In spring and summer, this unexpected spot offers tranquil and peace, with a lounge set ready to be used.

The second floor has a king-size bed beneath the authentic rafters. The bedroom includes a handcrafted 19th-century linen cupboard with a strongbox large enough to hold a laptop, a full-length mirror, a dress-boy and a TV/DVD combo.

Villa Rameau is not suitable for disabled visitors due to the staircases.

The location can be found in the heart of the historical city centre of Leiden. Just outside the city centre, the Haagweg 6 parking lot (City Parking plan) allow you to park your car 24/7. From that point, guests can be transported to the Pieterskerk by a shuttle service.