Life Sciences & Health Meets Cybersecurity at Leiden Bio Science Park

| Leiden Convention Bureau

Recent research highlights the need for better risk awareness regarding cyber incidents in the Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector, as the impact is often underestimated. In response to this, the Leiden Bio Science Park organized a new initiative—the Cyber Expedition—on April 19. This initiative, backed by prestigious institutions and funding from the Metropole Region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH), aims to strengthen cyber resilience in the LSH sector.

Central to the Cyber Expedition was a report jointly authored by leading academic institutions and research organizations, including Leiden University of Applied Sciences, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and REQON. This report, backed by MRDH funding, provided critical insights into the digital security landscape of LSH organizations.

The Cyber Expedition

The expedition unfolded as an immersive journey through the Leiden Bio Science Park, inviting stakeholders from MedTech and pharmaceutical companies to immerse themselves in cybercriminals' strategies. Through interactive scenarios and practical demonstrations, participants gained insights into key cybersecurity concepts, including security by design and the mitigation of advanced persistent threats. With this newfound knowledge and practical tools, attendees will be able to fortify their future research and business operations against cyber threats.