Convention Covenant

The convention covenant is a group of partner-organisations that form a strategic alliance with the goal of attracting congresses, conventions, and other scientific events to the city of Leiden. Founded in 2013, the convention covenant regularly meets in workgroups and as an advisory board, both with the purpose of developing Leiden as a well-known conference destination. Four times a year the advisory board comes together, and we discuss several developments within the city, market, and number of congresses. Alongside those meetings, the events, sales and marketing divisions of the respective organisations come together six times per year and form a workgroup with a specific agenda.

Our covenant partners

The convention covenant partners are:

  • Arriva
  • ECC Leiden
  • Gemeente Leiden
  • Hooglandse Kerk
  • Hotels van Leiden
  • Leidse musea
  • Pieterskerk Leiden
  • Leidse Schouwburg/Stadsgehoorzaal
  • Universiteit Leiden
  • Leiden Convention Bureau
  • Leiden & Partners