Pre-financing & Guarantee Fund 

Leiden Convention Bureau will gladly put you into contact with the Pre-financing & Guarantee Fund (VGF).

Those who want to organise a conference should consider various aspects beforehand. Even before the registration fees have been received, costs will be incurred. For example, to establish a foundation, put a down payment on the accommodations or for making brochures or a website. On top of that, for a long time it also remains unclear whether the number of attendees will meet expectations.

The Pre-financing & Guarantee Fund (VGF) has been put into place to eliminate financial worries for conference organisers.




Why VGF? They offer you:

  • A cost-free and interest-free loan of up to €90.000 to meet start-costs
  • A guarentee up to €90.000 to cover possible losses due to disappointing numbers of participants
  • The possibility to use the above schemes separately or in combination