City of Culture and Science

Leiden is the third biggest museum city in the Netherlands, with 13 museums including 4 national museums. The residence of the Pilgrim Fathers in Leiden, Japanese art and culture, city windmills, the young Rembrandt and other famous Leiden artists, the history of medicine and the natural sciences, a journey through the human body, and soon the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex; that and so much more can be seen when visiting the museums in Leiden. On walls all across town, you can find over a hundred mural poems filled with poetry from across the globe that will tantalise the mind with its wonders. Two concert halls and three churches in the city centre provide a varied programme of classical music, while three locations offer pop concerts. Your group can pay a memorable visit to the oldest theatre in the Netherlands.



Special evening opening

Give your group that special experience by paying a private visit to one of the museums in Leiden after closing time, accompanied by a passionate guide. If you choose one of the larger museums, this special tour can be combined with a dinner amidst the pieces of art.


The young Rembrandt

Rembrandt was born in Leiden in 15 July 1606 and lived there until he moved to Amsterdam at the age of 26.

Here he went to Latin school, attended his education to become a painter and created some of his early famous works. During his Leiden period, Rembrandt mostly created etchings and small paintings, laying the foundation for his Biblical and historical representations which he would paint in greater detail in his larger paintings later in life. The earliest known work of Rembrandt, de Brillenverkoper (the Spectacles Pedlar), can be seen in museum de Lakenhal. Accompanied by a professional city guide you can take a walk along all the famous places where this great Dutch Master has tread before.


Attend a show with your company in the oldest theatre of the Netherlands. A charming and relaxing evening embraced by the traditional red plush, the chandeliers and gold ornaments. There are special group packages, which provide hors d’oeuvres and beverages for your company during the break.

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