Bizon Bike Company

Our bike tours show you Leiden’s special places. Something a bit different, authentic, original, simple pleasure...

For anyone who wants to experience the Leiden of NOW. An ideal break as part of a corporate event, staff outing or team outing. It’s also an excellent way to take a meeting break outside the office; in fact, we can start our tours at any desired location in Leiden.

Go on one of our special bike tours where we show you Leiden through the eyes of a local. Instead of taking you past every church and telling the details, we show you the hotspots of this 'key city'. We worked with Leiden locals and insiders to map out the most beautiful routes.

During our bike tours you ride on special relaxed bicycles. The ideal way to discover the city! Naturally, we don’t cycle on just any old bikes, but on authentic bikes and cruisers packed with character... Something just a bit different...

Enquire about the possibilities for your group.

And the great thing is that our special bikes can be rented individually and we have English speaking tour guides!

Bizon Bike Company
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