The Storyteller, guide in Leiden

Where the Old and New Rhine come together stands a more than thousand year old citadel that towers over the city. In a past long gone, this was the place where people and animals looked for shelter against imminent dangers. It is here that the history of Leiden began. Rembrandt walked here. Freud and Mahler drank coffee here and Einstein lectured at Leiden University. A story can be told on every street corner, on every bridge and every canal. I will tell you stories, about Ada of Holland who, in 1203, looked for refuge in the citadel and of the famous City Secretary Jan van Hout, who helped save Leiden during the Spanish siege in 1574. I will also tell you of the orphan boy Anthonis van der Schacht, who became a manufacturer of cords, tassels, piping, laces and ribbons and founded almshouses for the poor and of the last man who was executed in Leiden, Adrianus Blom, on a field called ‘Pure Sorrow’ at the ‘Gravensteen’. I will tell you about the Pilgrims and Huguenots.

My name is Hans Prins, historian. It will be my pleasure to take you on a breathtaking tour through historical Leiden. Special themes: 1. The historical almshouses of Leiden, 2. Siege and liberation of Leiden , 1574, 3. Pilgrims in Leiden, 1609-1620, 4. Care for the poor 16th, 17th century. Each tour lasts 1 ½ hour or a combination three hours. When you book a three hour tour I am happy to offer you a drink half way in an authentic Leiden tavern (max four persons). Information:

Mobile: +31639581600.