Leiden and its surroundings

Leiden lies in the Bulb Region (Bollenstreek). All the things that the Netherlands is so famous for can be found in this region. Flower bulb fields, endless sandy beaches and dunes, picturesque villages, the Keukenhof, the Kagerplassen and the city of Leiden, boasting a historic city centre and a variety of museums. More information and an extensive overview of events in the Bulb Region can be found on www.bollenstreek.nl.


Leiden by the sea

The beach is located to the west of Leiden, a mere 10 kilometres away, 15 minutes by car or bus and 30 minutes by bike. Katwijk and Noordwijk provide a 17.5-kilometre stretch of sandy beach, where everyone can find their spot. There are gorgeous biking and hiking routes through the dunes.

Other cities

The metropolises of Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam are quickly and easily accessible. By car, you can take the A4 or A44 motorways. Both cities are also quickly and easily accessible by train.

In the region