Scheltema Leiden

Marktsteeg 1 2312 CS LEIDEN
tel 071 514 4441

Scheltema is a former Leiden cloth factory, adjacent to Museum De Lakenhal. The factory was established in 1817. After a period of prosperity, the factory lost ground in the first half of the twentieth century due to the rapid rise of mechanisation and modernisation. After fifty years of partial vacancy, this beautiful building was restored to its basics, under the guidance of Leiden architect Reinier Verbeek. Many of the original materials were reused, which ensured the building retained its authentic nature.

The Scheltema Leiden complex, where cultural events are organised, consists of four floors, with 6 special rooms which can be used for various meetings. Due to the number of rooms, Scheltema is highly suitable as a conference location for a maximum of 350 people. The rooms are also perfect for use as meeting or training locations. Scheltema Leiden is also a special location for business parties from 20 to 660 people. In the foyer or theatre hall, a stage can be set up for performances by bands or DJs. There are options for rent in combination with catering packages.

The robust and trendy Foyer is the entrance area of Scheltema, with capacity for 30-120 people. Wooden pillars and ceiling give the room a rugged, authentic atmosphere. In the old “Ketelhuis” boiler room, where the steam was produced back in the day, the venue’s industrial history is still clearly visible and tangible. This room, with its glass ceiling, has capacity for 15-125 people. The adjacent garden (10-150 people) is walled; when weather permits, it is an excellent addition to the Ketelhuis and Foyer.

The Theatre, surrounded by a spacious balustrade, has capacity for 150-350 people. This room can be modified for various meetings. The Theatre Café (15-70 people) has large windows overlooking the Oude Singel canal and the Leidse Schouwburg municipal theatre. The Expo 1 room has ample natural daylight and is suitable for 20-100 people. This hall can be blacked out completely by means of black-out panels.

Scheltema is situated at a 10-minute walk from Leiden Central Station. The car park of the Digros supermarket is a 5-minute walk away; starting in 2017, the Lammermarkt car park will also be available. Boats can moor in front of Scheltema.