Leiden2022’s virtual 365 calendar is online

25 June 2021

It is almost here! After nearly a year of scouring city, county and country, the 365 topics for the project ‘Knowledge through the Neighbourhoods’ are almost completely primed. This is a great moment to share Leiden2022’s virtual calendar for the City of Science year. We invite you to take a look, but please note that the project is still in development. The programme has not yet been finalised. 

‘Knowledge through the Neighbourhoods’ is characterised by an ambitious programme: every day for 365 days, one of the 101 neighbourhoods in Leiden and its surrounding region hosts a compelling topic of the day. The topic of the day is always the starting point for organising participatory activities in the respective neighbourhood. The chosen subjects are established in countless different ways, for example, during the many discussions with organisations: from student associations to neighbourhood clubs and from academic circles to local initiators. 

From peas to privacy, from the moonwalk to blood moon, from Easter Island to the islets of Langerhans... Anyone who wants to propose a topic can still do so. There are some empty days that yearn for a striking subject and for people who want to actively contribute to it. Can you fill in the blank? Please contact Lize de Klerk at lize@leidenconventionbureau.nl 

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