Leiden University Events Office

The Leiden University Events Bureau organises events with an academic signature. They have ample experience in organising gatherings, from a workshop for 10 people to a conference or public event with 200 attendees or more.

The bureau knows the ins and outs of all university locations in terms of hall capacity, available presentation tools and catering options. The university has extraordinary rooms, like the historical hall in the Kamerlingh Onnes building and the Grachtenkamer of the listed Academy Building on Rapenburg. The Events Bureau also provides assistance in finding suitable rooms other than the university locations. However, it must have a connection with the university.

The Events Bureau provides advice on choosing the right approach for the event, ensuring your message comes across in the best possible way. It pitches original ideas for participant interaction or offers suggestions for entertainment to enhance the message. If needed, the bureau arranges contact with guest speakers, draws up contracts, extends invitations, makes agreements and takes care of the correspondence, in the university house style on request. The bureau assists in logistics and budgets. It handles attendee registration (before and during the event), does floor management and generates an accurate playbook and schedule. On request, they also take care of press contacts, external communication and financial coordination of the event, and arrange hotel accommodations and transport.