TOTEM - Total Event Management

4e Binnenvestgracht 1a 2311 NT LEIDEN
tel 071 516 1916

TOTEM - Total Event Management is an event agency specialised in the business end of the market and with a particular specialisation in live communication. For over 17 years, TOTEM has been organising all kinds of events, for employees as well as for business relations of companies. Network meetings, road shows, open days, openings, incentive trips, team-building and parties, but also conferences, symposiums, charity events, business relation meetings, training courses and fairs. TOTEM organises any type of event and ensures clear and professional coordination. They have excellent market knowledge for business events.

TOTEM adheres to a standard, step-by-step approach: an intake, proposal, project description, playbook, implementation and evaluation. TOTEM often links a concept, in which content, format and target group are aligned exactly, to a specific theme. An important aspect is a specifically designed look & feel for the event, which can be implemented throughout all elements of the event. Consider banners, posters and miscellaneous decorations: it is precisely the details that make the difference.

A live event ensures that a company can remain in contact with their relations and distinguish themselves from the competition. In close consultation, TOTEM develops a programme, after which the client company is well informed, yet no longer pestered with each single detail. The company provides input and can then focus completely on content and guests, because TOTEM will take care of the implementation. TOTEM pays considerate attention to the preparatory and follow-up stages of an event to generate enthusiasm and then sustain it afterwards.