Gravitation Grants awarded to five projects with Leiden researchers

| Universiteit Leiden

Gravitation grants for five projects with Leiden researchers

The ANION consortium has received a €23.6 million Gravity grant for research on electrochemical processes in the context of energy transition, led by professor Marc Koper. In addition to ANION, four other projects with Leiden involvement have been honoured. These include the Institute for Chemical Neuroscience (iCNS), aimed at understanding molecular changes in the brain related to psychiatric symptoms, FLOW, which focuses on the quality control process of cells, Adapt!, aimed at developing capacities to prepare societies and governments for different crises, and GreenTE, which researches the mechanical forces affecting plant cells.

Minister Dijkgraaf stresses the importance of these grants for maintaining Dutch scientific excellence and stimulating innovation for economic growth. He praises the scientific talent in the Netherlands as a valuable asset to be nurtured. Investments such as these not only generate important new knowledge, but also strengthen the strength of the Dutch economy and stimulate innovations that benefit society as a whole. The awarding of these grants underlines the Netherlands' ongoing commitment to world-class scientific research and highlights the importance of international cooperation and excellence in research.

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