Weekend van de Wetenschap will take place on 5th and 6th October 2024

Weekend van de Wetenschap is there to give everyone, from young to old, an accessible insight into the world of science and technology.

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The National Weekend of Science is organised by NEMO Science Museum on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. For the origins of Weekend of Science, we have to go back to 1986. From 1986 to 2007, the WetenWeek was an annual event in the Netherlands in which various institutions with scientific backgrounds opened their doors to the public. In 2008, the WetenWeek was transformed into an event throughout October. The new name for the event was "October Knowledge Month". Since 2012, all public activities around technology and science take place in 1 weekend in October: Weekend of Science. The largest national technology and science event in the Netherlands has realised thanks to the hundreds of organisations that open their doors to the public during the first weekend of October.

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Looking back: Weekend van de Wetenschap 2023

A look back at last year's Weekend van de Wetenschap, where a whopping 120,000 people went on a journey of discovery over two days, making it the ultimate science festival in the Netherlands. This marked a remarkable 20% increase compared to last year's attendance.

With the theme "How does it work?" guiding the festivities, curiosity was at the forefront of every voyage of discovery. More than 300 organisations opened their doors exclusively to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse and offered a total of more than 1,250 activities for participants to immerse themselves in.

The presence of demissionary minister Robbert Dijkgraaf on Saturday afternoon made the event even more exciting. In addition, the launch of the public survey "How curious are you?" invited the whole of the Netherlands to contribute to science. Click here to watch the Aftermovie.

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