Are you going to become a conference ambassador of Leiden?

  • Are you a member of a Dutch or international association, or are you on the board of one?
  • Are you a specialist in your field?
  • Are you proud of Leiden, the city where you work?
  • Do you regularly attend conferences, symposiums or other big events?


Then you can become an ambassador of Leiden and aid us in bringing special conferences and events to our city. The Leiden ambassadors programme is open to scientists, entrepreneurs and well-known public figures who operate within important national or international forums. They regard the organisation of conferences in Leiden as important instruments to contribute to the enhancement of our city’s reputation and to provide even more options for our Leiden students and knowledge workers to get in touch with nationally and internationally renowned scholars.

Are you interested in becoming a conference ambassador of Leiden? Or would you like more information first? Please contact Corine van der Ceelen via