The benefits of an ambassadorship

Although we want to keep your time investment as small as possible, we do ask your participation in some things. You will get a lot in return.

  • National and international personal profiling of yourself and your association/organisation by bringing conferences to Leiden, with the ample support of Leiden Convention Bureau
  • You can count on more recognition and acknowledgement for your research, field of expertise and organisation amongst a national and international audience
  • Financial contributions for your academic activities can be generated
  • Free advice and practical support from Leiden Convention Bureau in planning and organising your conference in Leiden, both in the acquisition phase (bid book, site visits, letters of recommendation from public figures) and in the planning phase (PCOs, hotels, social programme, supporting services)
  • Opportunities are created for collaboration between your organisation and other Leiden-based, Dutch or foreign institutions
  • Early career scientists, knowledge workers and students will have the opportunity to attend high-quality international conferences which might otherwise not have been accessible for them
  • You can meet with other Leiden ambassadors and exchange experiences
  • An annual meeting with other ambassadors to celebrate successes
  • Newsletter with relevant announcements

Review the ambassadorsmeeting 2019 - an impression:

Weihnachtsoratorium (Christmas Oratorio)
Each year the Municipality Leiden invites all conference ambassadors of Leiden to the Weihnachtsoratorium in the Pieterskerk. That invitation is a token of appreciation by the Municipality of Leiden for the contribution of the conference ambassadors. The conference ambassadors are also invited to other events, such as the Nacht van Kunst & Kennis, an evening festival dedicated to art & knowledge.