Find out why Leiden is a true City of Science

Since the first university in the Netherlands was founded here in 1575, Leiden has been a city where innovation and scientific exploration have flourished. With a prestigious library, botanical garden, observatory and 
academic hospital, the university quickly gained a reputation which drew in scholars from across Europe. 

Over the centuries, the contributions of Leiden’s scientists have been wide-ranging and extensive. They have made major discoveries in every field, from medicine to astrology, physics, mathematics, and animal behaviour. This talent has been recognised globally; there have been 16 Leiden-based Nobel Prize winners since 1901.

The addition of the Leiden Bio Science Park in 1984 ensured that the spirit of innovation endures, as Leiden continues to pave the way with world-leading research in space exploration, biomedical science, immunology and more.

Discover what important discoveries are currently being made in Leiden, and experience science by visiting one of the many activities that are organised in Leiden, City of Science. 

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